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In the increasingly cashless transactions environment, financial institutions need to simultaneously keep pace with meeting customer expectations for a speedy response to the resolution of channels-fail issues.

Sustaining the health and performance of the ATM fleet and swift dispute resolution are key concerns for financial institutions.

ATMs channel quality is strongly linked to financial institutions’ positive customer satisfaction index.

The cornerstone of a robust operations framework is an efficient Channels Management solution to enhance financial institutions’ capacity for accelerated troubleshooting and research of transaction chargebacks, bottlenecks and failures.

It provides a centralized view of real-time customer transaction data gathered from disparate customer locations. Data can be customized to address the needs of stakeholders in the institutions on a granular level across senior management and business process teams.

Introducing Channels Manager

Channels Manager is a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage ATMs; it offers robust transaction analytics, availability monitoring, remote management, and incident management in a single integrated solution.

It is built for continuous monitoring of customer service level performance at the transaction level from proactive fault management before they impact customer transactions and overall service levels

The suite includes (ChannelsManager – Claims and ChannelsManager – JPS), distributed ATM Monitoring platform to ensure minimal downtime in service delivery (ChannelsManager – ATM) and reconciliation & settlement of transactions (ChannelsManager – Recon).

It will help financial institutions to proactively manage multi-vendor ATM fleets by providing real-time monitoring dashboards and monitoring tools to maximise the business goals of higher availability, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Importantly, Channels Manager will enable financial institutions to fully comply with CBN’s regulations on transaction dispute resolution and secure the archive of sensitive transaction journal records.

Quick view of the Channels Manager Solution

  • Built to enhance accelerate cash dispense dispute resolution.
  • Empowers the bank to undertake real-time transaction monitoring, analytics and data feed solutions.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the bank’s ATM resources and sending alerts where services are down or disrupted for immediate response/rectification.
  • Performs reconciliation and settlement of channel transactions
  • User footage and i-journals from various ATMs to a central repository to alleviate the complications of channels dispute resolution
  • Offers improved the data quality and efficient exception management and system-to-system transaction reconciliation processes.

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